Diazepam v Antenex

Diazepam v Antenex

What Antenex is utilized


Antenex is utilized to:

· take care of stress and anxiety

· ease signs related to alcohol withdrawal such as intense agitation as well as tremor

· unwind muscle mass.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) in 2016, an individual dying from a drug induced death in Australia was most likely to be a middle-aged male, living outside of a capital city who is misusing prescription drugs such as benzodiazepines or oxycodone in a polypharmacy and the death is most likely to be accidental.

Benzodiazepines have been consistently the most common single substance identified on toxicology and were the most common substance present in drug induced deaths in 2016, being identified in 663 (36.7%) deaths.13 In a 2010 submission to the Australian National Drug Strategy, the Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association cites inappropriate prescribing of benzodiazepines as a serious issue requiring ongoing policy intervention

Antenex provides the energetic active ingredient diazepam, which belongs

to a group of medicines called

diazepam or valiums. These medicines are believed to work by their action on mind chemicals.

Ask your medical professional if you have any type of

questions regarding why Antenex has

been suggested for you.

Your medical professional might have recommended

Antenex for one more reason.

Generally, diazepam or valiums such as

Antenex must be considered short

durations just (for instance 2 to 4


Continuous long-lasting use is not suggested unless advised by your medical professional. Using diazepam or valiums might lead to reliance on the medicine.

Stress and anxiety and also stress related to

the normal stress of day-to-day life

normally does not call for treatment

with medicines.

Antenex is not suggested for use

in children under 6 months of age.

Antenex is readily available just with a.

medical professional’s prescription.

Prior to you take.


When you should not take it.

Do not take Antenex if you are.


· diazepam or any other.

· diazepam or valium medicine.

· any one of the components noted at the.

· end of this brochure.

· Several of the symptoms of an allergic.

· reaction might include skin rash,.

· itching or hives; swelling of the face,.

· lips or tongue, which may create.

· trouble in swallowing or taking a breath;.

· hissing or lack of breath.

· Do not take Antenex if you have:.

· severe and also chronic lung or.

· air passages illness.

· extreme liver illness.

· sleep apnoea.

· medicine or alcoholism.

· Do not take this medication after the.

· expiration date printed on the pack or.

· if the product packaging is torn or shows.

· indicators of meddling.

If it has actually expired or is harmed, return.

it to your pharmacologist for disposal.

If you are not sure whether you.

should start taking this medication,.

talk with your doctor.

Before you begin to take it.

Inform your doctor if you are allergic.

to any other medicines, foods, dyes.

or chemicals.

Tell your doctor if you are.

pregnant or strategy to come to be.


It is not known whether Antenex is.

harmful to an unborn infant when.

taken by an expectant lady. Your.

doctor will review the dangers as well as.

advantages of taking Antenex if there is.

a demand for you to take Antenex.

while pregnant.

Inform your medical professional if you are.

breastfeeding or strategy to.


Antenex is not recommended for usage.

in breastfeeding. Antenex may pass.

into breast milk and also might create.

drowsiness and/or feeding problems.

in your infant.

Inform your physician if you have or.

have had any one of the complying with.

clinical problems:.

· epilepsy, fits or convulsions.

· lung, liver or kidney troubles.

· high or reduced blood pressure.

· clinical depression, schizophrenia or.

· various other mental disease.

· glaucoma (raised pressure in.

· the eye).

Alcohol may boost the results of.


· Inform your medical professional if you prepare to have.

·surgical procedure.

· If you have not told your doctor.

·concerning any of the above, tell them.

·prior to you start taking Antenex.

· Taking other medications.

· Inform your doctor if you are taking.

·any other medicines, including any kind of.

·that you buy without a.

·prescription from a drug store,.

·supermarket or health food store.

· Some medications might be influenced by.

· Antenex, or might impact just how well it.

·jobs. These include:.

· various other resting tablet computers, sedatives.

·or tranquillisers.

· medications for clinical depression.

· other medications for stress and anxiety.

· medicines made use of to treat epilepsy,.

· fits or convulsions (e.g.

· phenytoin).

· antihistamines, medicines for.

· allergies, hayfever, colds or travel.

· sickness.

· muscular tissue depressants.

· cimetidine as well as omeprazole,.

· medications used to deal with reflux or.

· belly ulcers.

· painkiller.

online doctor

· disulfiram, a medication utilized to.

· hinder alcohol consumption.

· cisapride, a medication utilized to deal with.

·gastric reflux.

· ketoconazole, a medicine made use of to.

· deal with fungal infections.

· Your doctor can inform you what to do if.

· you are taking any one of these.

· medicines.

· If you are uncertain whether you are.

· taking any of these medications,.

· contact your doctor or.

· pharmacist.

Your physician and pharmacologist have.

even more details on medications to be.

mindful with or prevent while taking.


Exactly how to take Antenex.

Adhere to all directions given to you.

by your doctor or pharmacist.


They may differ from the.

info included in this brochure.

If you do not recognize the.

guidelines on the label, ask your.

medical professional or pharmacologist for aid.

How much to take.

The dosage varies from individual to.

individual. This relies on your age,.

the problem being dealt with, as well as.

whether or not you are taking any.

various other medicines.

Your physician will certainly inform you the number of.

tablets you need to take each day and.

when to take them.

The typical grown-up dose is in between 5 mg.

as well as 40 mg daily.

Senior people, youngsters and also those.

with kidney or liver issues may.

require smaller sized dosages.

Antenex is not recommended for.

youngsters below 6 months of age.

How to take it.

Ingest the tablet computers with a glass of.


Antenex can be taken with or without.


For how long to take it for.

Take Antenex only for as long as.

your physician suggests.

Usually, Antenex ought to be taken for.

short periods only (for instance 2 to.

4 weeks). Constant lasting usage.

is not suggested unless recommended.

by your medical professional. Making use of.

diazepam or valiums might cause.

dependancy on the medicine.

If you fail to remember to take it.

If it is almost time for your following.

dosage, miss the dosage you missed out on and also.

take your following dose when you are.

suggested to.

Otherwise, take the missed dosage as.

quickly as you remember, and after that go.

back to taking your tablet computers as you.

would generally.

Do not take a dual dose to make.

up for the dose you missed.

If you are not sure what to do, ask.

your medical professional or pharmacist.

If you take too much  Diazepam.

( overdose) Antenex v Diazepam

· Quickly telephone your physician.

·or the Poisons Info Centre.

· ( telephone 13 11 26) for advice, or.

·most likely to Accident as well as Emergency situation at.

·the closest medical facility, if you think.

·you or anybody else might have taken.

·way too much Antenex. Do this even if.

·there are no indicators of pain or.


· You might need urgent clinical.


· If you take way too much Antenex, you.

·may feel sluggish, tired, confused,.

·dizzy, have difficulty breathing, feel.

·weak or become unconscious.

· While you are taking.

· Antenex.

· Things you need to do.

· Take Antenex exactly as your.

·physician recommended.

· Prior to beginning any new medication,.

·tell your physician or pharmacologist that.

·you are taking Antenex.

· Talk the medical professionals, dental practitioners and.

·pharmacists that are treating you.

·that you are taking Antenex.

· If you become pregnant while.

·taking Antenex, tell your doctor.


If you plan to have surgical treatment that.

requires a general anaesthetic, tell.


your physician or dental professional that you are.

taking Antenex.

If you have a thyroid function test,.

inform your medical professional that you are taking.

Antenex might affect the outcomes of this.


See your doctor routinely so they.

can check on your development.

You might require to have examinations to inspect.

your blood and liver function..

your physician can recommend you on.

whether you require to keep taking.


Tell your doctor if you really feel.

Antenex is not helping your.


Inform your doctor of any issues.

or troubles during or after.

taking Antenex.

Inform your medical professional if, for any kind of factor,.

you have not taken your medicine.

specifically as prescribed.

Otherwise your doctor might believe that.

it was not effective and change your.

treatment unnecessarily.

Things you must refrain.

Do not stop taking Antenex, or.

transform the dose, without checking.

with your doctor.

Quiting Antenex instantly may.

create some undesirable results. Your.

medical professional might desire you to gradually.

lower the amount of Antenex you.

are taking before stopping.


Do not drive or operate equipment.

till you know how Antenex.

impacts you.

Antenex may create drowsiness,.

wooziness or loss of focus in.

some individuals. If any one of these happen,.

do not drive, operate machinery or do.

anything else that could be.

dangerous. Youngsters should be.

careful when riding bicycles or.

climbing trees.

Do not all of a sudden stop taking.

Antenex if you experience.


Stopping this medicine instantly may.

make your epilepsy even worse.

Do not take Antenex for a longer.

time than your medical professional has.


Antenex ought to be considered brief.

periods just (for instance 2 to 4.

weeks) unless suggested or else by.

your doctor.

Do not make use of Antenex to deal with any kind of.

various other conditions unless your physician.

informs you to.

Do not give Antenex to any person else,.

even if they have the very same.

problem as you.

Things to be careful of.

Be careful drinking alcohol while.

taking Antenex.

Incorporating alcohol with Antenex can.

make you more drowsy or dizzy.

Your physician might recommend that you.

prevent alcohol or minimize the quantity.

of alcohol that you consume alcohol while you.

are taking Antenex.

Take care if you are elderly,.

weak or taking other medications.

You may have an increased opportunity.

of obtaining side effects such as.

drowsiness, complication, lightheadedness and also.

unsteadiness, which may raise the.

danger of a fall.

Negative effects.

Inform your doctor or pharmacist as.

quickly as possible if you do not feel.

well while you are taking Antenex.

Antenex assists lots of people, yet it.

may have undesirable negative effects in.

some individuals.

All medicines can have adverse effects.

Sometimes they are major, most of.

the time they are not. You may require.

clinical treatment if you get a few of.

the adverse effects.

Do not be distressed by this listing of.

possible negative effects.

You might not experience any one of them.

Ask your doctor or pharmacologist to.

answer any kind of inquiries you may.


Some individuals, such as kids and.

the elderly, might have an increased.

possibility of obtaining some side effects.

Tell your doctor if you notice any kind of.

of the following as well as they stress.


drowsiness, exhaustion.

lightheadedness, unsteadiness.

loss of memory, inattentiveness,.

complication, absence of concentration.

frustration, hangover sensation in the.


slurred speech.

unpleasant dreams.

Tell your doctor right away or go.

to Accident and Emergency at the.

nearby hospital if you see any of.

the following:.

· unexpected stress and anxiety or excitation.

· restlessness, frustration, irritation,.

· anger, uncommon behaviour.

· Hallucinations or misconceptions.

· severe rest disturbances.

· difficulties in breathing or.

· choking or coughing.

· The above listing includes major side.

· impacts which might need medical.

· interest. Serious negative effects are.

· rare.

· Tell your medical professional if you discover.

·anything that is making you really feel.


· Opposite effects not listed above.

·might additionally happen in some people.

After taking Antenex.


Maintain Antenex where kids.

can not reach it.

A locked cabinet a minimum of one-anda-half metres above the ground is a.

great location to store medicines.

What it looks like.

Antenex tablets are offered in 2.


Antenex 2 - round, white tablet.

marked DM/2 on one side as well as G.

on the various other.

Antenex 5 - round, yellow tablet.

significant DM/5 on one side and also G.

on the other.

Antenex tablet computers are packed in bottles.

consisting of 50 tablet computers.


The energetic component in Antenex is.


Each Antenex 2 tablet contains 2.

mg of diazepam.

Each Antenex 5 tablet computer consists of 5.

mg of diazepam.

The tablets additionally have the following.

inactive ingredients:.

lactose monohydrate.

maize starch.

magnesium stearate.

pregelatinised maize starch.

[Antenex 2 just] - quinoline yellow CI47005.

[Antenex 5 just]

Antenex tablet computers consist of sugars (as.

lactose) as well as traces of galactose as well as.

sulfites. The tablet computers are gluten cost-free.


Antenex is made in Australia by:.

Alphapharm Pty Ltd . Degree 1, 30 The Bond.  30-34 Hickson Roadway.

Millers Factor NSW 2000.


Australian registration numbers:.

Antenex 2.

AUST R 17582 (bottle).

Antenex 5.

AUST R 17583 (bottle).

This leaflet was prepared in.

December 2019.


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